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Hi & Welcome!

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I'm originally based out of New Jersey but now a Georgia resident, enjoying my retirement from the day gig in a beautiful new-to-me home in Acworth, with a beautiful new partner to share my life and, finally, time to allow some dormant music aspirations and goals to be worked on in this gorgeous climate!

These pages are just the very start of my new site, so please bear with me as I get settled into my new home (both literally and figuratively!!) and get my life back on track. I'm very excited for these new dreams to be realized and hope you all will like what you see here!!

Double & Extended Range Bassist

 performance, instruction, studio

My new workspace in Acworth

Sharing the love of music and bass with the jazz, funk, blues and country genres for over 50 years ... music is both my vocation and avocation and I'm here to share it all with you