Yamaha hard shell case, generic body shape, not custom molded. Good condition, all latches work, no keys

SX nylon electric bass cover. No padding. Zipper works. This is basically a dust cover, good for storing your bass at home. I would not recommend gigging this cover.

I occasionally have gear and/or basses for sale. Typically, these are cross posted between Craigslist, eBay and TalkBass so what appears to be available might be sold. I do accept payment via PayPal or good checks or cash money. If anything is of interest, give me a shout ...

Fender Jazz 5 string

Brice "beatle bass" copy

For Sale

Eminence Upright Bass, removable neck, stand, with all cases. Includes Realist pickup and K&K Double Big Twin pickup.  $2,050.00 + shipping

Brice "beatle bass" copy.  MIC, very good condition, completely set up and intonated $375.00

Fender  Jazz 5 string. MIM, good condition, seafoam green, completely set up and intonated   $525.00

Yamaha HSC electric bass case. Case has stickers on exterior front & back. No keys. $60.00

Gator double electric bass gig bag. Holds two electric basses. $110.00

Generic electric bass gig bag. Good padding. $25.00

SX electric bass gig bag. No padding, basically a nylon cover. $10.00

Generic padded gig bag, nice condition, good padding. All zippers and straps work. Backpack strapping in place and operational

Gator double gig bag for two electric basses. Good condition, all zippers work, back straps in place and operational.