Three basses on display, l-to-r: FBB fretless 6, Fender Jazz fretted 5, FBB fretless 7

These are some of the electric basses I use regularly. People ask me if I am a collector of basses, but, no, I'm really not  ... I play ll of these basses for different reasons, depending on the setting and what type of tone I may need. Each bass listed below is a working instrument, not in collector condition as they all have gigging scars or some sort or another. But I love 'em all!

This is my favorite electric bass, built by FBB Custom basses. It's a fretless 6 string #020-99.  It has a curly maple top over a honduras maple body, 5 piece  maple/bloodwood/mahogany neck-thru, 35" scale, gaboon ebony fingerboard, ABM bridge with Gotoh tuners, Bartolini P5 pickups, active/passive Bartolini NTBT electronics.

Cobbled together mess of different parts: the neck is a 1970 Teisco, body is an Ebay special likely from China, the electronics were found sitting around my shop and are likely from an old Japanese knock-off Precision bass, tuners and bridge are of unknown origin, ashtray and pickup cover are older but I don't remember where I found them. This "parts bass" is a lot of fun to play when just relaxing around the house, and has even made it out to a gig or two!!

My FBB custom built fretless 7 string #g146-11. Superior craftsmanship in every possible way: pomelle sapele over black limba body, 3 piece maple/jatoba neck, ziricote fingerboard, pomelle sapele headstock.  Bartolini G67 passive electronics, all Hipshot hardware, Dunlop straplocks.  Controls are simple V/V/T.  Killer bass, beautiful fretless voice.

This is a recent gift sent to me by a former student. It's an SX 6 string, built in China. Inexpensive, but a solid build, neck joint is good, neck is straight, balance is also good.  The hardware is okay, but if I were going to do anything to it that would be where I started ... switch out the tuners and bridge for sure. I currently have LaBella black tapes on it.

Brice Z6 fretted 6 string, Korean built, an excellent bass for players looking to try extended range play

Insurance shots taken recently ... These are all of the slab basses I currently own