That's been my email address forever, it seems: ""


Now, had I taken even 1/2 a second to think it through when I first started using it, I would have realized that it's waaayyy to long to type out each time. But, some 25+ or longer years later, it's too late to change it now, so there it is. And, in fact, I am "just a bass player" in so many ways.

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About Me

I'm just a bass player

I'm often asked about some of my electric basses that have more than 4 or 5 strings, and particularly the 7 string basses. People wonder why anyone would play something that is so big and heavy ... a very good question that I always answer this way:

I am essentially a lazy guy.  If the bass only has 4 strings, that means I must move my hands up and down the neck, a lot, to play some of the stuff I play. With a 7 string bass I can play across the neck, keeping my hands in one position for a longer period of time. That's what I mean by "lazy"!!

There are many gifted musicians that play extended range basses that perform as soloists. My playing has always been as a supporting role in a rhythmic function and I find that the addition of extra options in both higher and lower neck positions creates a much better platform for me to play the "backbone of the band" role.

I have no idea why this headless guy is sitting behind me, but this may well be the best picture ever taken of me, so I'm popping it on here ...

Double bass, acoustic bass, upright bass, contrabass, bass fiddle, doghouse ... all of these names have been, and continue to be, applied to the double bass. It is the instrument I started out playing as a young boy in 2nd grade and my love of the double bass continues to this day. 

It's still my favorite instrument to play. It regularly challenges me when I play it and there are a seemingly endless variety of tones, sounds, percussive beats and methods to pursue. Yes, it is a pain in the neck to carry around ... it's big, awkward, delicate and always in the way of something or someone.

If given the choice, though, I always take the double bass first!

I started playing bass when I was just a little guy, actually in 2nd grade. I was always tall, so they figured I would be able to hold the big bass up, particularly compared to my much shorter classmates. And it was something I was immediately attracted to, for whatever reason ... I came from a family with zero musical abilities, so it was always surprising that I became a professional musician.


Clearly the family disgrace, my brothers were all mechanics, electricians, builders ... manly careers that required sweat and a skilled trade. I had long hair, played in smoke-filled nightclubs, slept all day and stayed up all night.  

I performed full-time, professionally, for many years. Later on, I would get a "day gig" which I held onto for quite some time. I have recently retired from my non-musical work and have been able to dedicate my days to playing, teaching, arranging and recording.